15 Kg Juice Oranges + Tangerines

15 Kg Ora juice + Tangerines


Mixed box of 15 Kg of Oranges for juice and Tangerines

Shipping cost: 11 € (until 20kg), then sum up 6€ for each 10kg more. Prize for UK, Germany and Italy

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Benefits of buying oranges and tangerines online

Mixed boxes of oranges and tangerines are recommended for lovers of juice that don't perform a great consumption, or who prefer to have a rapid turnover of Orange and Tangerine for this always as fresh as possible.


Mixed box of orange and tangerine also allows you to make the exquisite mixture of both for a more refreshing juice. Try to mix 1 orange 2 tangerines in your juice, it's amazing.


Oranges and tangerines newly collected tree the same day shipping, and although they can remain perfectly a month at home while maintaining their properties, this mixed box allows you to have both as closely as possible its collection.


Mixed box carries the varieties of tangerines and oranges that are in season, being collected in its point of ripeness.

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