Table oranges Navel Lane-Late 15 Kg


Box of 15 kg of Navelina table oranges.

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Benefits of buying navel oranges

Navelina oranges differ by its especially sweet flavor, making it suitable to take fresh and as prostre. The size of this Orange is medium, slightly oval or rounded. The flesh is very juicy, seedless and the skin of an orange colour intense when it is ripe.

Everybody know that citrus fruits and oranges in particular, are a great source of vitamin C. But its nutritional benefits do not end there, have a large number of attributes and properties that benefit the human body. The Navelina oranges are one of the fruits with fewer calories: 1 orange (150 grams) contains about 70 calories. They are perfect for slimming diets thanks to its high content in water and its wealth of vitamins.

The oranges we offer are produced in-house, traditionally grown, and to serve them at home just 24 hours after collection, presented the degree of excellence and optimalripening.

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Ratings and comments from our customers

Sehr gute Orangen, einfach lecker ....