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How long before the oranges to get to my house?

Orders delivered in Spain arrive at their destination in 24 hours.

Oranges and tangerines with a destination abroad Spain takes 3 or 4 days since it coming out of Spain until these arrive at the destination .


What days out shipments of oranges and tangerines ?

In the Peninsula shipments are made Monday through Thursday and outside Spain Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


When harvested oranges and tangerines ?

 The oranges are harvested the same day they are shipped .


How long will they last?

 Being freshly picked , can be kept in perfect condition 10 days from receipt of order .


How I can place the order?

 The order can be made online through our online store.


What is the payment method ?

By credit card and Paypal.


When you receive the order, I have to pay shipping costs ?

 No shipping charges are included in the final price .


How do we keep the oranges ?

These should be kept in a cool dry place , not exposed to the sun or the rain . The room temperature must not be below 1º C or keep it in the fridge .

We recommend that you take the product from the box and keep it in two or three different sites, thus, it could avoid that if there is any product in poor condition, it does not spoil the rest of the products.


Could I keep the oranges in the fridge ?

Yes, these can be kept in the fridge.