10 Kg Avocados


Box of 10 Kg of fresh avocados

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Buy Fresh Avocados Online

Buy now the best avocados online ,top quality fruit, grown in a traditional way, under ideal conditions that will allow you to enjoy the real flavor, without the need to travel to the grocery store.

The Valencian fields are ideal for growing avocados, so if you want to enjoy one of the richest and healthiest fruits for the body, do not hesitate and try our delicious avocados grown in Spain.

Avocados grown in Valencia

We are a specialized company with wide experience in the grown of avocados in Valencia, offering you the opportunity to taste the delicious and smooth flavor of one of the fashionable fruits, which stands out for being one of the most consumed in the world. 

The avocado from Valencia stands out as one of the most popular in agriculture in our country, thanks to the good climate we have in Spain throughout the year, which allows us to grow simply spectacular avocados, both inside and out.

If you want to enjoy a healthy and natural diet, do not hesitate to try our avocados online. Never before has it been so easy for you, since you can buy avocados online, directly through our online store, receiving your order of avocados at your home. You will not have to worry about anything, we will do it for you.

Place your order, and we ourselves will take care of carefully choosing each avocado from Valencia, so that you can enjoy all the nutritional and health-beneficial properties of avocado, in record time. What are you waiting for?

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