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    Box of 10 Kg of natural and fresh Lemons. Shipping costs included, the best price and the best quality.

    37,00 €
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Buy lemons online at Quique Oranges


We are dedicated to cultivating, among other fruits, the best lemons in Valencia, specifically on land located in the municipality of Massamagrell. The Mediterranean climate helps to a great extent to create a unique product due to its incredible flavour and purity, and we also use traditional systems for its harvest, with the best means available today.


It is known that Valencia is a perfect region for the cultivation of certain fruits. For this reason, we have managed to present our customers with a product that is both rich and beneficial, since its properties and vitamins are an excellent contribution to health. So, buying lemons online has only advantages!


Lemons are one of the fruits that provide the most benefits to our body, so it is important to buy the best quality lemons to obtain all the properties that this product offers us. We know this and, therefore, we offer our clients the best lemons, since we have cultivated the best citrus fruits you can find for several generations, a value that is reflected in the intense flavour, vibrant colour and exquisite aroma that they give off.

The best lemon in Valencia

Lemons are fruits rich in vitamins and properties that provide the body with fantastic benefits. Among other things, lemon helps us fight numerous diseases, strengthens blood vessels, helps to lose weight, is a healing product and acts as a detoxifier and purifier. In addition, it is used as a natural cosmetic to control excess fat both on the skin and in the hair, among many other uses.


Due to the typical climate of this geographical area, that is, the Mediterranean, the humidity that characterizes it and the traditional cultivation techniques that we use in this family business, we create fruits of the best quality, which is guaranteed, cultivating the best lemons from Valencia.


It is time to taste the best lemons you have ever tried, with which you can use in numerous recipes with an excellent raw material on the market. These lemons are a natural and high-quality product, since we work with effort and delicacy to obtain the best lemons in the world. We assure you that our lemons are of high quality so that you can give your family the best and prepare exquisite dishes with them and/or use them for natural remedies. Without a doubt, our lemon is a very good option that you can find today in the national market, since many years of work and efforts can vouch for us.

Lemons for sale at home

We know that the Internet is increasingly present in every home and that it is used very often to make purchases of certain products. Therefore, we wanted to take a step forward and enter the 2.0 world to offer our customers the possibility of buying lemons online. In this way, it is possible to buy lemons or any of our fruits through our website and obtain the best lemons at home.

Once we receive the order on our website, we will collect the lemons from the trees and make the package so that you receive it at home in record time, thus preserving all the properties and ensuring that the food reaches your table as fresh as possible.


As you can see, we offer the sale of lemons online. You can buy lemons or any of the other fruits that we grow on the phone, by WhatsApp or by email, so it will be even easier for you to buy our products.

Buy your lemons online now!

If after all this we have not yet convinced you that we have the best lemons on the market and that they have fantastic quality, the best way for you to verify that it is true is to try them. To do this, place your order and receive at home the best lemons you will ever taste.


Get some quality lemons from Valencia by receiving it in 24 hours from the tree to your home in record time, preserving the freshness and those properties that are so beneficial to the body that this product offers us. Do not hesitate and try our lemons now.


You will not regret it.