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    Box of 10 Kg of natural and fresh Lemons. Shipping costs included, the best price and the best quality.

    33,00 €
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Benefits of Lemons

Lemon is a citrus fruit of the citrus genus belonging to the rutaceae family. This family is composed of more than 1,600 species. The genus citrus is the most important group, and consists of about 20 species with the main feature that contain lots of  vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils. In Oranges Online, we have best citrus from Spain, here you can buy lemons online from Valencia.


Vitamin C as an antioxidant, helps reduce the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases and even cancer. In addition, since vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from food, it is recommended in case of iron deficiency anemia, accompanying foods rich in iron or supplements this mineral since this speeds up the recovery.


Citric acid has antiseptic properties, so to drink the juice of fresh lemon diluted, benefiting those who have stones, or renal lithiasis (primarily by uric acid salts), hyperuricemia, because that facilitates the elimination of uric acid in the urine

We collect fresh fruits to order and served in your home within 24/72 hours. If you buy online lemons, you should note that boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.


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