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  • Table Oranges

    Benefits of Table Oranges

    Our table oranges are the ideal complement to any meal, easy to peel and exquisite taste, the best Spanish oranges. Its valuable nutritive value stands out for its content in vitamin C, folic acid, minerals and trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium...), fiber, carotenoids and antioxidants.


    Our table oranges have naturally matured in the tree,  when we receive an order for oranges, we pick oranges directly from the tree and we ship the oranges to maintain maximum freshness, flavor and maintain all its properties vitamin, as if you had collected them.


    Here you can buy the best quality table oranges from Spain. We will deliver at all times the best available variety of orange depending on the season, in their best and optimum state of maturity and sugar.

  • Oranges for juice

    Benefits of oranges for juice

    The orange is a fruit that is very famous by its high content in vitamin C, a vitamin that has wonderful properties for the human body. But it is also a very rich source of vitamins A, B and G and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.


    Doctors recommend take an orange juice every day since early morning, oranges contains lots of very healthy vitamins for our body. Out team of the "Naranjas Quique" collects the best oranges for juice of our Valencian orchard.


    All this makes the consumption of oranges ideal to strengthen the immune system, prevent many diseases and enjoy an optimal state of health.


    Citric acid help to dissolve residues that is found in various organs and promote the digestion of food. It is a very good fruit that exerts a diuretic, helping to clean, for example, the liver and kidneys and eliminate liquids.


    These oranges has qualities perfectly usable for extracting juice, it contains plenty of juice and acidity and sugar perfect relationship. Especially the orange navelina used for juices, because of these qualities and characteristics of navelina oranges are very popular in the market, and therefore is one of the oranges have more sales.

  • Blood Oranges

    Blood Oranges

    Blood oranges, 100% Pure Juice Red full health with antioxidant properties for our body

    In general, blood oranges can give you the same use as the most common sweet orange. However, its bright colors and bitterness of his flesh and juice determine some specific forms of consumption. The aromas and deep flavors of sanguinas make them especially suitable for the preparation of jams, jellies, juices and ice creams, sorbets still popular this citrus in Italy.

    In recent years it has gained fame when using it in the kitchen, for its intense red color makes it a very attractive ingredient for the preparation of fresh dishes such as salads, either using the fruit as such or using their juice aromatic dressings. It is also a product increasingly in demand in the production of sweet, juicy bringing masses of cakes and pastries, with an interesting contrast of sweet and bitter tastes.

    Nutritionally, blood orange stands out for its high content of vitamins and antioxidants, directly related to the naturally occurring pigments. Recent scientific studies indicate that anthocyanins may help delay cellular aging and control the level of blood cholesterol. In addition, it also highlights the presence of calcium, folic acid, vitamin A and dietary fiber.

    In Oranges Quique, carefully select all our blood oranges, always offering best quality products to each of our clients. Its properties make it the best complement to a balanced and healthy diet.

    In Oranges Quique want to be your reliable supplier. You can buy our oranges through the online shop or by calling us. We take care of every detail to preserve the quality and flavor of our products.Try our blood oranges and discover the authentic flavor of freshly picked oranges! We will send them within 24 hours to your home for you and yours enjoy them every day.


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Oranges Online offers orange with orange flavour. And it is not any obvious.

If you've ever tried an orange at its optimum ripeness and freshly caught from the tree, you will notice that it has nothing to do with an orange acquired in a supermarket or shop. This is because the fruit is harvested when still green, is kept in cold stores and undergoes chemical treatments for ripeness, coloration, and conservation.

We collect the orange after receiving your order and within 24 hours you have them in your house. Without treatments to beautify the skin or chambers where artificially ripen fruit.Regardless of where you are, you can enjoy an orange as if you had a field here, in Massamagrell (Valencia).

The microclimate of this Valley Valenciano provides perfect conditions for growing the best oranges. We'll take care of you arriving to your table directly from the tree, without any process that alters their flavor, so you will become passionate about this fruit.