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  • Why should you save the Orange Peel


    What is one of the worst parts of eating an orange or a mandarin, or a clementine, well that is a easy question it's peeling the orange and what should you do with the peel after it is off of the orange flesh? Our goal is to change your mind if you are a person who typically throws away the orange peel when they are finished eating the orange.

  • Why you should put an orange in your families stocking


    It is very likely on Christmas morning you and your family found an orange in your stockings when you were growing up. That is because this is a tradition for millions of families who celebrate Christmas.

  • Are you sure you know the difference between a Mandarin and Clementine?


    It is hard to tell the difference between the Mandarin, Tangerine, and Clementine, but Quique Oranges has the answers for you. Don't worry your confusion is understandable the University of California in the United States has listed a total of 167 hybrids and varieties of the mandarin.

  • Yogurt and Orange Sponge Cake Recipe for diabetics


    Home-made sponge cakes is one of the best desserts that exist and that you can prepare in your home. In addition, if it not have sugar, it is better. Sponge cake are very popular all over the world and is very difficult to find someone that could resist to taste a mouthful of this cake as soon as it leave the oven.

  • Five special juices that help to lose weight


    The juices should be an essential part of our diet since it is one of the healthiest ways  that we have to consume the fruit with all their nutrients and vitamins, without allowing ourselves to be nothing along the way.