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A radiant face with oranges

Published on 08/23/2015

  • A radiant face with oranges

Orange fruit, one of the most consumed citrus fruits, can become your perfect ally to combat the symptoms of aging and look young and fresh-faced. Applied in different ways you can recover the brightness that has been losing gradually. If you haven’t anyone at home, start buying some oranges right now.

Orange fruit properties

Orange fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids, two elements to hold off free radicals that can damage our skin both. Besides, its high content of antioxidants, allows our skin to stay in good condition for longer and the dreaded aging process forward much slower pace. No matter how old you are. Don’t waste your time. It’s time to recover the brightness on your face to give a more youthful appearance.

How to use it

To achieve this, grab an orange and squeeze all the juice in a bowl. Then pour it into a small spray bottle and spray your face with it. Do it every morning before you go out to go to work. From the first week of application you will notice how your face looks different. Don’t forget to make this small ritual every day, just after exiting the shower and washed your face perfectly.

If you want that orange juice retains all its properties to use it everyday, save it in the fridge after using it. It will keep better and it will be more effective.

Use a cotton

If the spray is not for you, you can also squeeze orange juice on a small cotton pad. Distribute it over your face to exert slight pressure on it to penetrate all the vitamins in every pore and clean any excess of grease or dirty. After that, take another dry cotton to remove completely.

This last trick you can do at night, just before bedtime. When you wake up and you look at the mirror, you will perceive that the signs of fatigue have disappeared.