Why you should put an orange in your families stocking

Why you should put an orange in your families stocking

May 17, 2019 0

A Healthy Surprise Christmas Morning

It is very likely on Christmas morning you and your family found an orange in your stockings when you were growing up. That is because this is a tradition for millions of families who celebrate Christmas. This tradition is always a great treat on Christmas morning, and even more so for families who live areas where fresh oranges are harder to come across. Most young kids probably don’t stop to think why this tradition really even started. The questions that follows being why we should continue to follow this tradition and why people who don’t put an orange in their stocking should. There are many different possibilities as to why so many families from all over the world celebrate this great tradition, but Quique Naranjas has the main reasons why this tradition came about.


St. Nicholas the original tale

There is an old tale of St. Nicholas which has been told in various ways but its along the lines of something like this. Back before St. Nicholas became a saint he was a bishop. Who had inherited a lot of money when he was born which today would have been in Turkey. When St. Nicholas became a bishop he devoted his life to caring for other people. One day St. Nicholas came across a man who didn’t have enough money to buy his three daughters dowry which meant that they could not get wed, and when the father passed away his daughter would have no one to take care of them. St. Nicholas, later that night went to the old man’s house and threw 3 bags (or balls) of gold down their chimney. The bags of gold happened to land in the stockings of the three girls which were hanging by the chimney to dry. The next morning when the family woke up they found the gold which had turned into a ball inside the toe of the stocking because the fire had changed it shape. This meant the three daughter could now be wed.

Oranges were once a luxury

Back before the world was so easily connected Oranges were once a luxury and a delicious treat to wake up to christmas morning. Oranges were harder to find in the northern regions. This was because the climate does not allow for oranges to grow in weather that drops below freezing. Typically during this time only the very rich and the elite could afford this kind of fruit throughout the year.This made it all the more special when Christmas morning came and you found a fresh orange in your stocking.

The Treat During the Great Depression

During the Great Depression in the 1930’s families did have the means to celebrate Christmas the way that they were used to. Families had to turn to alternate solutions because the money just wasn’t there anymore to celebrate the way they would in past years. One of the traditions that people turned to really appreciate the fresh orange in their stocking. This was a great treat to get during this time because most families stopped going to the market to buy food which meant that they were mostly eating homegrown and homemade food. So for families who lived where oranges didn’t naturally grow meant that oranges were harder to find and more expensive as well. So this was a very special treat to find on christmas morning.

Remember us at Quique Naranjas

From St. Nicholas to the Great Depression all of these stories just make this tradition that much more special. There are even more stories and reasons why every family should celebrate this tradition. The nice thing about today is we can send oranges to different countries very fast which allows them to maintain their freshness, andespeccialy don’t forget at Quique Naranjas we deliver directly from the tree to your house in 48-72 hours, right from our fruit garden in Valencia, Spain. So place your order today at orangesonline.net/de.

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