Why is best buy oranges online?

Why is best buy oranges online?

May 18, 2019 0

Buy oranges by internet is now more usual and allow us to enjoy in our home of freshly picked oranges. Today we are going to give you several reasons that are going to convince you that buy oranges online is the best option.

Since twelve years ago Oranges Quique is dedicated to cultivation and sale of oranges through internet because we are convinced that is the best way of enjoy at home of the quality and the best price of Valencian oranges. Buy oranges online has many advantages:

  • There are not intermediaries, you buy directly from producer and that means a better price for the consumer. In Oranges Quique we have our orange fields that we look after carefully with a lot of dedication.
  • Oranges are just picked  at their optimum moment of ripeness, directlly from the field to your home in only 24 hours guaranteeing an excellent quality and freshness.
  • You can buy through our website comfortable, quickly and safely way or do your order by telephone or e-mail.
  • Oranges do not pass at any moment by the refrigeration rooms, so their flavor is incomparable.
  • Our oranges are cultivated with traditional techniques keeping intact all the vitamins and properties.
  • Our oranges are 100% Valencian oranges, cultivated in our own field. Many oranges that are bought in the market come to foreing countries and do not have the qualities of Valencian oranges.
  • We send our oranges to anywhere of Spain and Europe. So you can enjoy the authentic taste of our oranges where you live.
  • We offer a direct deal from producer to consumer, we solve whatever doubt or incidence at the moment.

If after reading our post you have finally convinced that buy oranges online is the best option, you do not doubt and do your order!

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