When to harvest and plant oranges?

When to harvest and plant oranges?

June 30, 2020 0

Orange is a fruit that can never be lacking in our homes and which we like to consume in different ways, therefore, in addition to consuming it, it is also interesting and curious when to plant oranges, those we like so much and of course when to harvest them; this is today’s article.

In addition, we believe that it can also be interesting, since there are many people who harvest this fruit as a hobby.


When to plant oranges?

The orange tree is a tree that is famous worldwide, since its fruit, the orange, offers excellent characteristics and as a curious fact, an orange tree can produce an average of 400 oranges and can also live up to 100 years.

Before starting to know when to plant oranges, it is very important to take into account some characteristics, such as:

▶ It does not withstand cold temperatures.

▶ Spring is the best time to plant them.

▶ These trees tend to get quite large, so you have to choose very well the area where you want to plant them.

▶ The soil where we plant it must have a medium consistency and must be fertile.

▶ It must be facing the sun.

▶ You need a humid environment.

▶ It must have frequent watering, but with a limit so as not to drown it.


Now that we have some tips on how to plant the orange, the most important remains: when to plant the oranges?

It is recommended to plant the oranges between April and June, in order to collect the oranges between October and June of the following year.

Keep in mind that, if it is a first harvest, it can take up to 4 years for the fruits to appear.


When to plant oranges


And now, when to harvest the oranges?

The month of September is usually the optimal month for the collection of this fruit, it is when the oranges are at their point, neither very green nor very ripe.

It is very difficult to determine an exact date to know when to harvest the oranges.

The time to know when to harvest them changes according to the type of orange, it is different if it is an orange that is going to be used expressly for juice or to consume at home.

Normally, the orange is harvested by hand, that is to say, stretching the fruit when it is still hanging from the tree, although lately the trend of mechanical harvesting is entering as it saves a lot of time, and optimizes the harvest more.


For example, in Valencia these machines are difficult to use, since shaking them can damage the following year’s harvest.

As previously mentioned, it is very important that it is harvested before the fruit can catch humidity, since if that happens, it is very possible that the harvest will spoil. This usually happens more with the oranges that are at the bottom of the tree, since they are the ones that are closest to the ground.


A tip that helps you know when to harvest oranges is to collect only the fruit that is at the top of the tree and drop the ones that are at the bottom.

With all this information that we have just given you, you may be wondering: how can it be that we can enjoy oranges all year round, if they can only be collected from time to time?

The solution to this question is very simple. These oranges can come from greenhouses or controlled areas where they have been cultivated or cared for so that they can be enjoyed all year round, this does not mean that they have less quality, but that everything possible has been done so that we have oranges all year round , with the greatest possible care.

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