When is the orange season?

When is the orange season?

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When we go to the greengrocer, we all like to buy seasonal oranges, as they are presumably better tasting and have more beneficial properties. So far everything is clear, but one question arises: when is the orange season?


You probably do not know it, and you have to trust what they tell you in the shop itself. For this reason, we are going to tell you when the season for oranges begins and ends, so you know when and how to buy quality oranges. It should be said that this is the time of the year with the best oranges that have a more impressive flavour.


Orange season in Spain: when does it start and when does it end?

In general, the season for oranges in Spain, specifically Valencia oranges, begins at the beginning of November and ends at the end of June, before the summer begins.

This is in general terms, but it must be noted that these dates are not definite, in fact they could vary every year.

Also, during the season for oranges we can find different varieties throughout the year, so we could say that each type of orange has its own season. And when we talk about the season, we are referring to the date of picking the oranges, which is when an orange has more flavour and properties.


Information about the orange season


The oranges season: what is the harvesting date for each variety?

Following, we will tell you the different harvesting dates for each variety of oranges:


From November to March

At the beginning of November, the harvest phase of Navelina oranges starts, this being the first early season variety. Depending on the weather, the season for this variety could last until March.

At the end of December it begins the season for juice oranges, also known as “Salustianas”. This type of oranges is smaller than the ‘Navelina’, and it contains 20% more juice.


From March to June

In March the season for blood oranges starts, which is the most common variety in Spain. These oranges have a reddish hue both on the peel and the inside, and are characterized by a more acidic flavour. They can also be used to make juice.

On the other hand, from the end of February until March the harvested oranges are the Lane – Late and Navel – Late oranges, which are two similar varieties, characterized by being quite small. In their smaller versions, they could be confused with tangerines.

Also, these two varieties have a very sweet flavour, especially the Navel – Late.

And in the month of June is when Valencia – Late oranges are in season. This variety belongs to the white group, they have a large percentage of juice and a fairly sweet flavor.

In some years and depending on the climate, the Valencia – Late can start to be harvested by the end of April, although it is really between the end of May and the beginning of June when they enter their most ripening stage.


Orange season


From July to September

It is also possible that you go to the greengrocer or the supermarket during the summer and find oranges. In that case, you should know that either they are not in season or they are imported from foreign countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, etc.), since Valencia oranges are not harvested in the summer season.


How do you know if an orange is in season?

An indicator that oranges are not in season is that they have an acidic taste and a more greenish hue than usual.

On the contrary, an orange in season will be characterized by a sweet flavour resulted from a high percentage of juice.


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