What to do with Meyer lemons

What to do with Meyer lemons

May 18, 2019 0

The Meyer lemon has a different appearance from the traditional lemon. It is smaller, less oval, but not as round as oranges. Its skin also has an orange color especially if they are very mature.

The main features of this variety of lemon are, among others, its exquisite smell. It has a citrus odor, with a mixture of honey, difficult to describe. It also has a different flavor and texture. It is a kind of hybrid between lemon and tangerine, and the taste is much sweeter. They are very soft to the touch, and when they are opened release a lot of juice.

Meyer lemons are ideal to make a good lemonade and also for desserts and sweets like lemon meringue pie, lemon mousse, muffins or cupcakes. Moreover, this variety is very suitable to use and give flavor to savory dishes. You can perfectly accompany both meat dishes and fish. With this last meal, the result is fabulous and highly recommended.

The Meyer lemon is a citrus fruit native from China. Its name comes from its discoverer, the American Frank Meyer. He was impressed by the delicacy of this product and decided to export to the United States where it became very popular among the population.

It’s not very easy to find Meyer lemons because it requires warm weather to grow and mature. However, it is a product that increasingly has more followers. It’s a different citric whom we know so far, which can accompany any dish sweet and savory.

Making lemonade with lemons Meyer

To make lemonade with lemons Meyer need:

– Sugar
– 5 limes Meyer
– Water

Dissolve the sugar in a little boiling water. While boiling, cut the lemons and squeeze. Pour the juice into a pitcher and add water. Then pour the sugar water inside.

Cut the lemon peel into strips and add a few of them inside the jar. Finally, add a mint branch and let it cool. Half an hour later, put it into the fridge and put some ice cubes inside to make it colder.

This is an easy recipe but you can find many others. It depends on your imagination. If you are want to surprise your guests right now, use Meyer lemons in your meals.

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