The orange: an important source in vitamin C that helps your body

The orange: an important source in vitamin C that helps your body

May 18, 2019 0

Fortunately we can enjoy exquisite orange throughout the year. Although its period of greatest consumption is mainly in autumn and winter, we can find and enjoy them in any season. If you take it as a juice, orange brings great benefits to your body because of its important source in vitamin C and flavonoids.

One orange juice a day will help us to avoid certain health problems. A glass of orange juice consumed in the morning while you are having breakfast, strengthen our entire immune system, and therefore all our defenses are better prepared to combat any virus or bacteria.

In winter you will achieve considerably reduce your chance of getting a cold or flu. And, in case you have a cold, the orange will help you to recover more quickly.

Benefits acording to scientific studies

Several scientific studies have shown that orange juice is a great regulator of cholesterol. The properties of this fruit, once ingested as juice, allow fat levels in the blood under control. Making a daily consumption significantly reduces the values ​​of bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising levels of good cholesterol (HDL). This is mainly because it is a fruit rich in flavonoids that allow, at the same time reduce the risk of any cardiovascular abnormality.

Control your blood pressure

If you are a person who, on a daily basis, have to fight with blood pressure, start today drinking orange juice every day. It is very suitable for people who have high blood pressure. Juice has a high potassium content, one of the basic nutrients for lowering blood pressure. Moreover, as also it acts as a diuretic, you’ll help your kidneys work better, eliminate more water and sodium a day and relax the walls of blood vessels. From a nutritional standpoint, orange juice is rich in flavonoids – up to 60 different types_ and phytochemicals -about 70-. These amounts help to prevent any kind of heart disease, cancer and significantly reduce inflammation and therefore promotes better blood circulation. It is also highly recommended in cases of asthma and osteoporosis.

Drink an orange juice daily and take advantage of all its properties. The source in vitamin C prevents your colds in winter or during the year and improve your blood pressure at the appropiate levels. Making a responsible consumption of oranges, your body will benefit. Take an orange juice right now.

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