The detoxifying and slimming power of oranges and tangerines

May 17, 2019 0

It is normal that after the Christmas meals we feel more swollen and with a few inches more in our waist and other parts of our body. Do not be alarmed because we have the solution. Based on orange and tangerine you can feel as light and with your usual weight. Both citrus fruits are ideal to win the battle to the scale.


Detoxifying effect

Oranges and tangerines are 100% natural cleansing and detoxifying products. It is already known that the excesses of the holidays lead us to accumulate impurities in our body that do not benefit us. From today you can begin to introduce both fruits in your usual diet or in the regime that you have started. Consume them preferably in the morning, in the first hour, with breakfast or mid-morning.


Tangerines and oranges are very diuretic and will help you to eliminate the toxins that you have accumulated and that are stored in the liver, pancreas or bladder. In fact, they are citrus fruits that are recommended for people who have serious problems with kidney stones, as a complement to the usual medical treatment.


As you eliminate toxins, you will notice how your body is slowly deflating and you are eliminating the liquids that you have retained. Also, you will notice that you are not so tired or fatigued and that you are less irritable.


Slimming effect

In addition to taking care of your body inside, you will also notice positive effects on the outside. That’s why both fruits will help you lose weight. In the case of orange, it has a component that will make you quench quickly and decrease your appetite outside of mealtimes. For their part, tangerines have a component called Nobitelina that help you to lose weight. Also it is a citric that has very few calories. Curiously, the body spends more calories digesting it than its caloric intake.


Begin this 2017 as you have always wanted. You have in your hand to recover your physical form in a short time and to keep you healthy and balanced. Turn these fruits into your best allies. You will not regret. In Naranjas Quique we have your solution to your problem.

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