Organic oranges, rising

Organic oranges, rising

May 17, 2019 0

The result is high quality oranges to further increase its beneficial properties for the body. If in itself, this citrus fruit is an important source of vitamin C, oranges are grown organically grown their contribution and also the mineral.

Although this practice is being extended to all fields of oranges, virtual sales platforms of this citric, aware of the need to provide differential values ​​compared to traditional sales cannel. They have a firm commitment to implement the techniques of organic farming. Today, you can already buy online orange premium that has been treated from the start following the “principles” of this type of crop. But how have actually been treated?

Organic or biological farming is a food production system that sustains the health and the natural fertility of the soil, ecosystems and people. Its technical dispense entirely the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and any product that is not natural. In this regard oranges grow when following this production mode takes into account several aspects.

Crop rotation: Avoid the proliferation of pests is one of the main workhorses of any farmer. When commitment to organic farming is very important to maintain soil fertility to prevent its occurrence by the fungus. Hence, to avoid the most of the repetition of the same crop in the same place.

Efficient use of water: At all times responsible water consumption is done to prevent unnecessary waste. In many cases it is used for reuse of industrial and urban water.

Organic fertilizers: As explained above, any products or chemical compound is banned in organic farming. Instead, biological organic fertilizers are used such as compost or manure and fertilizer organic and natural phosphate and silicate rocks.

Natural methods to remove weeds: quilting techniques through compost or manure are the most common to combat the proliferation of weeds. However, in the case of fruits such as orange, in most cases it is mowed grass, leaving his remains as padding.

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