Orange juice calories

Orange juice calories

September 20, 2020 0

Oranges are said to be the best fruits which can be drunk, since oranges can be squeezed and we can extract a delicious juice. Orange juice is known everywhere, although there is a difference between packaged juice and a freshly squeezed juice, since the second one is tastier, and when you drink it, you feel full of energy and it keeps you slim.

When must orange juice be drunk?

There is not a concrete time to drink an orange juice. It is always a perfect moment to consume it. If we want to start the day savoring a delicious natural flavour and being full of energy, having an orange juice for breakfast is a very good idea. Also, it can be had in the mid-morning, because it is a healthy drink and the small amount of orange juice calories help us to get a slim body. When drinking orange juice, you avoid snacking between meals and you maintain your figure. Besides, having it for lunch or dinner is a great idea because it is a refreshing drink to accompany your meal.

How many orange juice calories?

Currently, people are worried about the consumption of calories, because they want to prevent weight gain. They try to avoid eating high-calorie foods, and it is a mistake to think that oranges have a lot of sugar because a piece of this fruit which weighs 96 grams has 45 calories and 9 grams of sugarTherefore, there is a small amount of orange juice calories in an orange juice. In addition, it contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, even potassium and calcium. Also, its high fiber content helps to reduce any kind of digestive disorder and the intestinal transit is restored.


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Benefits of orange juice

Oranges can provide al lot of benefits for our body. The fact that an orange is a significant source of vitamin C helps us to rejuvenate our body, since vitamin C produces collagen, and for that reason orange juice can be considered to be an antiaging product. On the other hand, it reduces inflammations, that is, if we decide to eat a high-fat meal and at the same time we drink an orange juice, the occurrence of inflammation will be prevented. Also, oranges improve blood pressure as well.

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