Orange Cake, easy and delicious

Orange Cake, easy and delicious

May 18, 2019 0

We teach you to prepare orange cake using valenciana oranges, the best fruit flavor for sweets.

At any time of year orange cake is a delicious dessert that can be prepared easily for all kinds of people. The difficulty of preparation is small, so that everyone can get to work in the kitchen in order to prepare one. If we use valenciana oranges we will give the cake a real taste of this fruit so famous in the preparation of sweets.

Ingredients needed

As good cake with orange, the main ingredient to keep in your hand are the valenciana oranges. You need at least 2 oranges with two goals. The first is juicing and make juice that you will use on the cake. The second is to use the skin to give a touch sweet tasty to the cake. Is also necessary to have 10 grams of baking powder, 170 grams of wheat flour, 150 grams of sugar, 4 eggs and 70 grams of mild olive oil. All this eventually will becoming a fantastic cake, and you will surprise your family with it.

An orange cake to remember

The first thing you must do is make a yeast mixture with flour, getting them to join in an equitable manner. Set aside and let the mixture because you will need that later. Wash one of the oranges and cut pieces of their skin. Put them in a blender and triturate continuously until you no longer see any trace of the original form. Add the oil to the mix and you’ve got all mixed having a uniform result.


Now use a bowl, beat eggs, mixing them with sugar and try to reach a volume of at least triple or double. Mix the eggs to the dough that you have prepared before with oil and orange. Pass all in the blender at low speed and if necessary helping by means of a stirrer. Once you have the full weight of all ingredients used, add the yeast and flour mix you prepared in the previous step. Put carefully in the process and always make sure the result is uniform.


When you have all the dough, put it into a pie pan so you can put it in the oven. Based on the power of your machine, you will need more or less power, but in less than 30 minutes you will have it ready. Then use the orange juice to prepare a delicious coverage to give a more tasty surface to the cake.

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