Natural remedies with tangerines

Natural remedies with tangerines

May 17, 2019 0

In Naranjas Quique we have already explained in detail the excellent health benefits of orange, but very little of tangerine. Although many of its therapeutic properties have been known in recent times, there are others that date back centuries. Read carefully the natural remedies of tangerines that we explain to you. Many of them, can serve you in your day to day.


– High level of cholesterol: Are you part of the large percentage of the Spanish population that has high levels of cholesterol? If so, take a tangerine, peel it well and take to the blender. Add, also half apple and liquify everything. Drink the milkshake in the morning, before breakfast, and for about a month. You will see how cholesterol is reduced.


– Constipation: There are many people who suffer from intestinal transit. If it is your case, the tangerine can combat it effectively. In this case, you should make a glass of tangerine juice with a good juicer. When you have it ready, add a small spoonful of flaxseed and three dried plums. Liquify everything and drink it also on an empty stomach. You will notice how your bowel is regulated.


– Kidney problems: Do you often accumulate grit in your kidneys? If you have any problem of renal origin, tangerine can also help to alleviate the discomforts and even improve them. Make a juice and add some fresh pineapple and a sprig of parsley. When you have it all beaten, take it.


– Stomach discomfort (flatulence, nausea, vomiting, etc.): If it is your case, take the peel of two tangerines and put them to boil in water. When it is boiling, hold for five minutes and remove from the heat. Then add a small spoonful of star anise and another one of cardamom seeds. Let everything cool down and put it in a bottle. Drink it, especially after meals.


Before taking any of these natural remedies, consult your specialist to give you the definitive approval.


From tangerine you can also extract a wonderful liquid to make essential oil that in aromatherapy is especially indicated to calm the nerves and induce relaxation. It can also be used in massage having a stimulating effect on the blood circulation.

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