Natural orange smoothies

Natural orange smoothies

May 17, 2019 0

Making a natural smoothie is not complicated. All you need is to have the ingredients you need and take time to cook.


We propose three natural smoothies each with a different purpose so that you can take them whenever you want. In this case, we will use orange as the main fruit so it will be important that you have this citrus fruit so tasty and easy to buy.


Natural Smoothie with Orange Detox Effect

If you feel more tired than normal and have the feeling of being swollen and with fluid retention, surely your body is crying out for you to detoxify it from so much culinary excess. Try to take this natural smoothie and you’ll see how much better you feel.


Grab two large medium-sized oranges and remove their skin. Then cut them into slices and put them in a blender jar. Then, peel a carrot, slice it and place it in the same container.


With a soup spoon, pour two tablespoons of oat flakes inside and to finish, add a glass of water. Now, you just have to close the container and liquefy everything. When everything is well beaten, pour it over a glass or cup and drink it. You can add ice or leave it for a few minutes in the fridge.


Refreshing natural smoothies

This fruit smoothie is to taste with the good weather, now that spring comes and the summer is getting closer. In this case, all the ingredients to use are fruits: oranges, strawberries and mango.


Take two oranges and after removing the skin, cut into pieces and place in the blender. Take five strawberries and do the same. From the handle, you’ll only use half of it. When you have all the fruit chopped, pour half natural yogurt and a small spoonful of honey. Take crushed ice and add a little. Finally, beat it all and when you’re ready, enjoy this unique flavor explosion.


Natural Smoothie to Increase Energy

This energizing smoothie will charge your battery after a day of intense work. Nothing better than a fruit cocktail to clear the mind and fill you with life again.


Peel the two oranges and add to the blender jar. Cut a banana into pieces, a carrot and add half yogurt and grate a little orange peel. Beat everything well and serve in a glass or glass of smoothie. When you take it, you will notice how the tiredness disappears.

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