How to buy oranges in Naranjas Quique?

How to buy oranges in Naranjas Quique?

May 17, 2019 0

In Naranjas Quique we have everything ready to start delivering authentic Valencia oranges, the most delicious, juicy and quality fruit. As we want you to enjoy one of the finest and most versatile citrus, here we explain to you how to buy them through our website. If you order them online, you will receive them in just 24 hours.


1st. Step: Type in in the browser on your computer. Then when you open the home page, go to the menu that is located on the top bar and click on “Buy”.


2nd. Step : The page will show you the different subcategories of products (oranges, tangerines, mixed cases, lemons and pomegranates avocado). As you want to buy oranges, click either on the image or the word itself.


3rd. Step: Then click on the orange variety you want again. You have three options: for table, juice or blood orange variant.


Step 4: Assuming you give the “To table” when click, it will send you to the different possibilities you have. In this case, you will find the variant of Orange Lane Late in box 10kg, 15 kg 0 20 kg.


4th. Step: To place your order, you just have to give “Add to Cart”. In case you want more information, give the button “More”.


5th Step: When you click on “Add to Cart” automatically you select what you want. Now you have two options. “Proceed to checkout” and proceed to payment or “Continue purchase”. You decide what you want to do.


6th Step: If you choose “Go to box”, then you will have the summary of everything you’ve bought with the full amount. If you want to delete some product you simply have to click on the trash icon or if you want to increase the amount, give the button “+”.


7th Step: To formalize the order, now have to go to your account. If you have not yet registered with us, you must fill in the fields you are asked in the “New Customer”. If you are already registered, you just have to put your username and password.


8th Step: Finally, select the payment method and do it. Remember that transactions are completely safe.


Now that you have already done your order, you only have to wait a day to arrive at your home. As you can see, in less than 5 minutes you can buy top quality oranges. Go ahead and place your order now.

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