How many types of oranges are there?

How many types of oranges are there?

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Spain is one of the countries with the highest production of oranges in the world. Depending on the cultivation field, we can find different varieties of oranges.

In this article we are going to expose which are the different existing types of oranges. There are some well-known varieties, such as Navelina oranges or blood oranges, although there are others which are not as widely known, such as the Washington navel orange or the Salustiana orange.

Varieties of oranges

Currently, there are three great varieties of oranges, from which all the types of oranges that we will see below originate:

Navel type. These are called navel because they have a navel shape at the base of the fruit.

White type. These are oranges with a very soft orange-yellowish hue, and they do not have any navel shape as the previous ones.

Blood type. This variety of oranges contains red pigments that create reddish colours to both the orange rind and the pulp.

Type of Navel Oranges

Within this group we can find the following varieties of oranges:

Navelina Oranges

Navelina oranges are perfect to consume fresh, both by eating them or by using them to make an orange juice.

Due to its resistance to cold and its great flavour and quality, this orange is produced between November and December.

This is the best-selling product of Naranjas Quique; here you can buy Navelina oranges from Valencia.


Types of oranges - Navelina oranges


Navelate Oranges

This is a variant of the Washington orange, which needs much more care than any orange in the navel group. For this reason, the production and cultivation of these oranges is lower in quantity and its price on the market is much higher than for the others.

Although its ripening happens early, it is usually harvested in the second part of the season for oranges, between January and March.

The skin of these oranges is very thin and soft, pale orange in colour and somewhat more elongated than the other oranges.

It is usually used, above all, for juice, since it is of very good quality and has a lot of juice inside.

Navel Lane Late Oranges

The flavour of these oranges is much sweeter than the previous ones, being ideal for consumption of the whole fruit or to make much sweeter orange juices.

Thanks to this variety of orange, the season for oranges can be lengthened a little, since the production of these begins in February and it lasts until the end of May.

Other Orange varieties

There are other types of Navel oranges:

  • ▶ Bahianinha Oranges
  • ▶ Washington Oranges
  • ▶ Newhall Oranges
  • ▶ Navel Powell
  • ▶ Navel Foyos
  • ▶ Ricalate Oranges


Types of White Oranges

Within this group we can find the following types of oranges:

Valencia late orange

These types of oranges are sweet and juicy, although with a more acidic touch than the Navel Lane Late variety.

The season of these oranges is usually from March or April, and they are ideal to be consumed as juice, since it is a type rich in juice and has a sweet flavour as well as a beautiful colour.

Barberina Orange

This variety of orange is large, with an intense colour and it is very rich in juice. In addition, these are usually very little acidic, which makes eating them or drinking their juice very pleasant.

The season for these oranges is usually June and July.

This type is known because its appearance was generated by a spontaneous mutation of the Valencia Late orange. Its name honours its discoverer D. Vicente Barber Part, in 1982.

Salustiana Orange

The harvest of this orange is carried out from February to April, since the fruit is sensitive to high temperature changes. Its rind and skin are thin, and it produces an abundant sweet juice with a little acidity.

The Salustiana orange is usually round, although on some occasions we can observe that it flattens a little.

This orange is so known because it grows on the Salusiana orange tree, which, in the vast majority of cases, is a strong, leafy tree and it is considered a medium-large tree.

Other varieties of white oranges

There are other types of white oranges:

  • ▶ Ambersweet oranges
  • ▶ Pear oranges
  • ▶ Hamlin oranges
  • ▶ Jaffa oranges


Fields of different types of orange


Types of Blood Oranges

Within this group we only find one variety of oranges:

Blood Oranges

This type of oranges has a red colour that characterizes both the rind and the juice inside.

The name of these oranges is due to their reddish colour, once we open them or we extract the juice.

They are cultivated in the Mediterranean area, and the flavour of these is sweet, similar to that of, for example, red fruits.

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