Dried oranges, the latest trend in Christmas decoration 2020

Dried oranges, the latest trend in Christmas decoration 2020

December 14, 2020 0

We all know the wonderful nutritional properties of oranges, but it may surprise you that in recent years the use of oranges as Christmas decorations has grown enormously. In this post we will tell you several original ideas to decorate your home this Christmas 2020.

It is about using dried oranges to decorate your house at Christmas time. In recent years, the use of dehydrated oranges to decorate has increased because it is an original, ecological solution and, in addition, dried oranges also serve as an air freshener since after being dehydrated they give off a unique and pleasant aroma. Here we tell you how to dehydrate oranges at home. It is very easy!


Dried oranges on the Christmas tree

Without a doubt the most emblematic Christmas decoration element. A very original idea is to dry the oranges, cut them into thin slices and make a small hole to insert a string and thus create a string of dried oranges.

This decoration will surprise your guests and is very easy to do as a family. You can also add other elements such as crafted objects, pinecones, holly, pine needles, cinnamon, decorations … and thus make a unique garland.


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Dried oranges in the centre of the table

Oranges are a perfect fruit for Christmas since their season begins at the beginning of November, so in addition to a healthy and delicious dessert, they can be present on the table as decoration.

We have already mentioned at the beginning that dehydrated oranges give off a very pleasant smell that you can use as an air freshener.

A decoration idea for your centrepiece this Christmas is to put together dried oranges and cinnamon sticks that, in addition to decorating, will give to the dinner a spectacular aroma.

It is also very fashionable for centrepieces to add cloves to oranges and pinecones to give it a more Christmasy touch.


Christmas wreath with dried oranges

If you liked the idea of putting dehydrated oranges on your Christmas tree, you are going to love this other idea. You can make a Christmas wreath with dried oranges to decorate your door. The result is spectacular.

It is very simple, use a wire to create the structure and go adding all the decorative elements you want: other pieces of dried fruit, crafts, pine branches … let your imagination fly.


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Dried oranges in your Christmas gifts

Last but not least, an original idea is to decorate your Christmas gifts by adding a dried orange slice and a cinnamon stick to your gift wraps.

Give your gifts a different touch and surprise your loved one with such an amazing Christmas decoration. We recommend using undecorated wrapping paper and also adding a pine twig for that final touch.


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These are our Christmas decoration ideas with dried oranges, as you have seen, they are very different and original. We hope you liked them and that you surprise your visitors with the most amazing decoration. From Naranjas Quique we want to give season’s greetings and wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2021.

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