Does orange juice lose its vitamin C if it takes time to drink?

Does orange juice lose its vitamin C if it takes time to drink?

May 17, 2019 0

If we were as little children as we had an orange juice, surely you will have been recorded in your mind, the voice of your father or your mother telling you to hurry to drink it because that way you would take all their vitamins. And sure that if you are now an adult and have children, you do the same with them when they delight and waste time without drinking the juice.


From now on, if you are one of the fans to have a daily orange juice, you do not need to run or even rush to the others. Certain studies begin to point out that what seemed to be true today is not so much and could fall into the category of myth.


Published studies

According to a study that was published at the time in an American magazine on nutrition, the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, although it is true that the amounts of vitamin C that can contain orange juices oxidize relatively quickly when they come into contact with the air and are left at room temperature, it also generates an acid called dehydroascorbic that would come to be the same as this vitamin and would fulfill the same benefits as above.


Recent research validates the myth condition. The Spanish Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics published an article not long ago in which it was explained that in order for vitamin C to disappear completely from an orange juice, it would have to be subjected to extreme temperatures. According to the study, it was necessary for the juice to reach 120 degrees Celsius for total and absolute disintegration of this component. The same research argued that vitamin C in orange juice can remain unchanged for up to 12 hours. Of course, the only thing that can be altered is the taste that can become much more bitter.


From now on, you can rest assured when you drink your morning juice. Take your time and do not drink them in one gulp. Take it and taste it while you look at the newspaper of the day or while you make the list of all the tasks that you have to cover during the day.

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