A perfect orange diet

A perfect orange diet

May 18, 2019 0

Orange provides very low calorie content. It is also a citric and has only forty-seven hundred grams calories. In addition, this fruit helps cleansing the body. This occurs because it stimulates the intestinal peristalsis.

Oranges have natural antioxidant and vitamin C, B and E, zinc, among other antioxidants. These substances help you burning fat by the cells for energy contribution.

Also, the orange is a fruit that contains high potassium content. Potassium removes excess fluid from the body and stimulates the renal system. It is excellent for treating naturally fluid retention.

Now that we know its slimming and nutritional properties, it’s time to do a diet based in orange.

Orange Diet

For breakfast: A glass of orange juice without sugar. Infusion of horsetail and a cup of chamomile tea unsweetened.

For mid-morning: A glass of low-fat yogurt and a cup of unsweetened tea.

For lunch: Eat a big orange before you start eating. A bowl of salad made of lettuce, onion, tomato and a boiled egg. A slice of bread.

For snack: a cup of tea without sugar. A glass of orange juice.

For dinner: eat a medium orange before starting to eat one hundred grams of chicken breast or grilled turkey salad with cucumber and tomato.

Tips to implement the diet of orange diet

– This diet is recommended for a time of one week, two or three times a year.

– Make exercise. You have to keep in mind that when you do not practice intense physical exercise, this is due to lower too much weight in just little time.

– Mode of consuming orange juice. It is important not forget to consume the orange juice within thirty minutes have squeezed not going to miss much time. It will lost vitamins, so will lose the antioxidant effect.

– Side effects are taken into account. You can feel some sort of gastric discomfort, this is because the body tries to adapt to this new diet, must do so in progressive mode. If the discomfort is important also to consult a doctor, you can try making a low progression. Start with a glass of orange juice diluted (half juice and half water) and then progresses to three quarts of juice and one quart of water until it reaches the glass of pure orange juice.

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