Table Oranges Navel 20 Kg

Table Oranges 20 Kg


Box of 20 kg of Navelina table oranges.

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Benefits of buying navel oranges

The Navelina is a type Navel orange, fruits are large, rounded and slightly oval shape, their skin is bright orange and the belly is just outstanding, this variety does not contain seeds, pulp is fleshy and contains a lot of very sweet juice to taste in juice.


The Navelina is the most awaited Orange since it indicates the start of a new season, harvesting starts in October until the end of January, is considered a table Orange, although it can also be used for juice.


The oranges we offer are produced in-house, traditionally grown (non-insecticide or artificial ripening), and to serve them at home just 24 hours after collection, presented the degree of excellence and optimal ripening.