10 kg of Tangerines

10kg of Clementines


10kg Package of tangerine from variety "Oronules"

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Benefits of tangerines

This citrus are tangerines of the orchard valencian, more specifically of a valencia village called Massamagrell. 100% natural, collecting tree in optimal conditions of maturation.


The 10 Kg box is ideal for families of 2 or 3 members who want to keep at home the best tangerines delicious and fresh for dessert or juice. Our tangerines have one greater percentage of juice than others, for what will be needed less fruit to make a glass of exquisite juice from Mandarin.


La tangerine clementine variety is the best way to ensure the necessary contribution of vitamin C to your body!


In Naranjas Quique, we have top mandarins of the orchard valencian. During the last campaign were collected about 500 Kg of tangerines; for this reason, we are online shop which sells more tangerines.